Trick or Treat! Tips for helping to keep your pet safe during Halloween

posted: by: M. Hays Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Halloween is just around the corner which means cute costumes and yummy treats. Unfortunately, this fun holiday could be disrupted from a potential pet emergency if you are not properly prepared. Here are a few tips for helping to keep your pets safe during Halloween.
1 ) Candy does not make a healthy snack for your pet despite the sad face you are often given when you are not sharing your treat. It's important to keep chocolate or items that contain xylitol (is a sugar substitute found in many sugar free candies) out of the mouths of our pets. These items are very harmful to your pet and can make them very sick. It's best to stick with pet treats that are made for your cute canine or fabulous feline.
2) Make sure your pet has proper identification just case they escape from an open door while you are entertaining trick or treaters. Microchipping is also a great idea especially since there are microchips available that actually can tell you the location of your pet.
3) If you have any lit candles or jack-o-laterns make sure that they are safely out of your pet's reach.
4) If you decide to put a costume on your pet make sure it fits properly and that they are supervised while wearing it.
5) If your pet is wary of strangers or may have the tendency to bite you should keep your pet in a safe, closed room away from guests.
6) Keep your pet safely inside your home during trick or treat time in your neighborhood to help ensure that your pet doesn't escape out of an accidentally left open gate.
Wishing everyone a very fun filled and safe Halloween!